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Frekis iot cloud

Frekis is an ultimate IoT platform for digital smart access and smart use. It supports bluetooth as well as GPRS locks. Frekis is integrating all available digital locks and working closely with international lock manufacturers. Whether these locks are bike lock, car locks, door locks or multi purpose digital locks.

Frekis has solved this problem. How? by following these steps.

  • Create account in Frekis.cloud
  • Register Locks in frekis cloud. 
  • Generate API Key.
  • Fetch sample code from Github ( https://github.com/frekisSDK ) 
  • Import Libraries Paste the code in your existing APP. 

All your locks can be integrated in your existing platform with least possible efforts. Code integration is extremely easy and you can build your own sharing app using our snippets. Frekis SDK is a white label solution and consumers don’t need to install anything related to frekis in order to unlock assets. 

Frekis SDK is saving a lot of development hours for companies. 

All data related to lock usage is securely stored in Frekis.Cloud, it will be easier to generate reports based on asset usage. Frekis SDK is GDPR compliant so any data related to the consumer is NEVER stored anywhere. 

hierarchy management across the globe, across your organisation & partners


  • Payment to Frekis and check overall unlocks, sms /month and ad views.
  • Generate reports of overall business and assets.
  • Set Up Payment plans like pay per hour, daily pass, weekly based on asset types and location.
  • Create Location based sub-admin to take care of operators.
  • Enable Asset as subscription for specific countries or states.
  • Enable Asset sell to Riders /consumers.
  • Enable Advertisements for region


  • Can setup local price plan in local currency based on asset type.
  • Can create operators /franchise(s).
  • Go through performance of operators.
  • Setup Asset as subscription for consumers or new mobility operators.
  • Setup price for selling asset to consumers/riders.
  • Setup Advertisement based on location so riders can view 9 seconds ad at the start or end of ride.


  • Take care of actual asset.
  • Fault report will be sent to operator directly.
  • Implement Geofence.
  • Receive notifications about Asset battery levels.
  • Receive notifications about geofencing,
  • Able to send message to Riders

Pricing models

For pricing kindly send an email to [email protected] 

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