Technology is our enabler! Frekis’ mission is to increase reuse of resources by simplifying micro mobility and reduce need of ownerships. We believe our contribution is important to make a positive change to our environment, whilst making business and having fun. We also want to empower communities with new sharing opportunities, where new businesses, new operators and new jobs are created.

Junaid Joosani
CEO / Founder

Stockholm based resourceful tech leader passionate about product development, IoT and full stack programming. Born entrepreneur chasing to be best at what he does making the world a better place whilst linking the world together to achieve his goals.


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Ali Majeed

Australia based experienced business analyst and developer with 15+ years  has experience leading application development & business analysis, incl. managing SaaS-based projects.

Nirav joshi

India based passionate technologist with vast experience in growing and heading the IT development and organizations.