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Frekis makes it possible for anyone to start an electric scooter service or similar from one day to another.


Offer new climate smart services in your local community, professionally or hobby


Get a monthly revenue stream by monetising the fast growing sharing economy trend


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the fuzz about Scooters!?

The Micro Mobility trend is hot worldwide!


Studies shows that most trips in Cities are less than 30 km and that in combination with new innovations for batteries and electrifiction changes everything.
Increasing Demand for Micro Mobility Services

Sales exceeds expectations and leading providers experience growing numbers. Initiatives world wide offer everything from skateboards to smaller pods for dock-less rides.

Majority of People Welcome Scooters

Based on research, a majority of people (70%) view scooters positively: that they expand transportation options, enable a car-free lifestyle and are a complement to public transit. Click here for full report.


Frekis in detail

We provide you with tools needed to start your sharing economy business


You can easily locate your scooters after a ride with our standard features.  We also offer a premium track and lock solution minimising vandalism and thefts. 


Mobile App

Your customers locates units (electrical scooters, bicycles or similar) with an app.  A rent starts with selecting a ride and ends by parking and snap a photo (optional).


Owner Dashboard

You get access to a dashboard fulfilling requirement of yours being a business owner. Keep track of rides, credit card transactions and support tickets.


Business Opportunity

Calculate your new business with our free template

Pricing Table

We offer two different pricing models. One based on a revenue share model. We share both risk and reward. You charge 100 for a ride, we get 20 - very simple. With a monthly plan you get support and extra features.


Per Month

  • Dashboard
  • Mobile App
  • Start & Stop Rides
  • Charging (Credit Card)
  • Revenue Share (80/20)


Per Month

  • Dashboard
  • Mobile App
  • Start & Stop rides
  • Charging (Credit Card)
  • Support


Per Month

  • Dashboard
  • Mobile App
  • Start & Stop Rides
  • Private Inventory
  • Support

Premium Services

Track and Lock - From 99 SEK / month

When it is time to strengthen the security, Frekis can offer you a lock and track solution for your assets. We support a few tested locks and scooter models. Contact us for more information.

Professional Service - On request

If you have special requirements on locks, scooters or trackers that we need to support. Please contact us for a proposal.

Our team

Junaid Joosani

Founder & CTO

Magnus Froste

Business Advisor


Why Select Us?


We dare helping entrepreneurs building a new business, because we believe in what we are doing.


We know our contribution is important for environment, and results in a positive change for both commuting and fun.


We want to reduce need of ownership and increase reuse of resources by simplifying with help from smart technology.

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About us

Frekis is born in climate smart Sweden, where renewable electricity is a no brainer and cheap.

Where to find us

Probably on a connected electric scooter from some of our awesome entrepreneurs