Frekis is smart mobility platform which increases the use of mobility assets by electrification.

Frekis is building digital infrastructure for mobility which will help end users as well as operators with parking rules, speed regulations and mobility assets optimization in an area at a certain time of day that will help city planners with society planning

Why Should mobility/smart lock manufacturers adopt Frekis?

Identity Access Management

Asset owners can authorize other users to access assets.


Assets owners can view utilization of assets based on time,place and date etc..


Anyone (business) can start rental service instantly by upgrading account and setting up bank details. End Users can pay directly to business via Frekis platform.


Asset owners can create geofencing for their assets. Notification will be sent to owner and consumer if asset approach near the fence.

Asset Management

Assets owners can view assets latest location and availability.


Frekis is working with local governments in order to implement digital infrastructure that will help end users with local parking rules and speed regulations.


Integrate smart locks with Frekis for FREE, Frekis technical team will you help with integration

Traditional LOCK/Mobility MANUFACTURERS

If you are looking for digitizing the traditional locks into smart locks, Frekis provides complete solution for that.