Circular Economy

Start your own Sharing Service

This will help to reduce carbon emission in your neighbourhood. Now residents take bus or cars to nearest station then they will use your bike sharing service. 

Step 1

Have some(second hand) properly functional bikes. These bikes should be suitable for sharing. 

step 2

Install smart locks ( iShare ) on bikes and register them in your frekis “operator” account.

Step 3

Create different price packages like Pay-as-you-go, Hourly , Daily or Weekly passes and place assets near station.

Comparision between sharing economy businesses


Most frequent questions and answers

We have subscription model for operators it will cost 90 USD / month.

We do NOT take any share in Revenue and there is NO hidden fees. 

As you are getting Money directly from customer so you will be responsible for refund and consumer rights.

You can add unlimited assets in your acount.

Frekis have Credit card, google pay and apple pay

Consumers will pay directly to you. All amount will be sent your Stripe account.  

We support 135+ currenices.

Stripe is payment gateway like paypal.

Goto and create your own account. once your stripe account is Active then your account will be active in Frekis. 

No , your fleet will run through existing frekis app.

Yes, you can brand yourself by putting your own logo on mobility assets.


Yes, you can start renting out other mobility assets like kayak, boats, lawn movers etc.